The 10 Biggest Secret's of Strategic Planning

A good quality strategic plan is essential for any type and for any size business. Strategic Planning is about defining the situation in which a business operates, establishing business ambitions and then tailoring strategies to drive the achievement of those goals. 

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Does a Project Management Office offer value for money?

Project environments are mini business entities, with budgets, forecasts and return on investment responsibilities to their sponsors and their organisations. A project management office (PMO) is sometimes viewed as an expensive corporate overhead with little or no business benefit and value for money. This presentation won the Australian Institute of Project Management award for best presentation at the National Conference in 2010.

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What are the top 5 benefits of Project Management?

Project Management is often talked about by advocates with a kind of a reverence; they claim that Project Management can cure any business ailment. But for the rest of us we’re left asking: what is all the fuss?  

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The quiet business winners - the benefits of business processes (& other documents)

Business processes (& other) documents are often over looked for the value they create and deliver for organisations.  So, how are these documents quiet business winners and what are the benefits in spending time and money in creating them?

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Youth in Project Management - our social and global obligation as project professionals

One of the challenges facing the Project Management profession on a global and social scale is that we have an ageing profession. Skills shortages and skill development are two phrases that are rarely mentioned in the same sentence.... 

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Steering Committee: a solution to your change management woes

All projects deliver change and as project professional's  we need to manage these changes...

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How to Build a Successful PMO (in 4 easy steps)

Often Project Management Office/Program Management Office are considered too difficult, timely or costly for businesses to implement. While it is true that setting up a PMO...

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Benefits of Having a Mentor

Everyone starts out as a beginner in whatever they do. Project Management profession can sometimes be a tough place to learn and develop skills. During my time working I have had a number of mentors that have guided me at different levels and sometimes throughout my career...

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Stakeholders are People Too

Stakeholders are often described with words such as: troublesome, idealistic and thorns in the project managers side, and have often been called worse behind closed doors. Historically, project managers have approached stakeholders and stakeholder management with a tried and tested 3 step process, sometimes with different questions, but the approach is generally the same...

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You Don't Always Have to Carry a Big Stick To Get Things Done 

Picture this, the project manager calls a meeting but they are late, grumpy, don't make eye contact, don't listen to participants, become angry when questioned or challenged, thump the table then leave. The teams are left disillusioned and unmotivated. The project limps on...

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