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"Star Wars Has Taught Me Well"

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Like the characters from Star Wars we spend our professional and personal lives being presented with problems that need to be solved and decisions that need to be made. Do we buy a house here? Do we go after that client? Should we fly into that asteroid field to escape that star destroyer? This can be daunting not to mention time consuming. My question today is what is the best approach to problem solving? We’ve all been in those situations or projects where things change and panic ensues: “What has happened?” “What are we going to do?” “Who needs to know?” “How much is this going to cost?”
What this means is that sometimes we are the bearer of bad news. One way to make this easier is to come armed with a number of solutions. Don’t be like the guy who went to Darth Vader with no solutions. Simply put:
Difficult conversation + A number of possible solutions= Great outcome
Great problem solvers have vision, logic and resolution. Emotion for the best part, takes a back seat. Do you see Yoda or Obi Wan Kenobi running around like headless chooks? So what other tools or approaches makes a great problem solver? Here are some tips that I’ve picked up along the way in business and from George Lucas.