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clear decisions™ regularly releases "short, sharp & shiny" a free distribution containing hints, tips and tools for project management professionals and business improvement advocates. As the name suggests these distributions are short, to the point and easy to read. The aim of these publications is to deliver the quickest win for our readers in the shortest amount of time.

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"Is There A Project Management Fairy?"

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a project manager who successfully completed all projects on time, on budget and to the stakeholders' satisfaction. Everything that the project manager touched turned to gold.

Does this remind you of the projects that you have worked on?

Of course not! Projects require hard work and everyone knows that there is no such thing as the project management fairy. But there are a few tips that I can share that will add some "magic" to your projects.

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"Retail Confidential"

In this edition of short sharp and shiny I wanted to try something new, I decided to interview a friend and colleague who had a big part in making sure the $385M retail development Rundle Place opened for us all to experience!

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"On The First Day Of Christmas"

The clear decisions™ team is more excited than a bunch of kids in a lolly shop about Christmas this year. That's not to say we don't take the end of the year seriously, we know it is a great time to reflect. But we couldn't help it, we had to get silly with the 12 days of Christmas to capture our reflections on 2013 and some tips and ideas to start you thinking during your down time this Christmas break... So in the spirit of Christmas - try humming at the same time!

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"May The Fourth Be With You (lessons from George)"

I'm sure all you Star Wars fanatics are getting ready to play with your light sabers as May fourth approaches. Last year in this newsletter we looked at all the good things we learnt from Star Wars. But before you practice your Chewbacca yell (everybody does it) or try to shove your pet dog into a Yoda costume let's take time to reflect on the man who started it all. Our man, George Lucas. Visionary yes, genius sure, always right? Not even close. Like everybody he has made some mistakes in his business. Let's look at where the visionary lost his way and what can we learn from his mistakes.

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"Assumptions - The Silent Assassin"

Assumptions can take two distinct forms - things that we take for granted that will stay the same, or things that we have to assume because we don't know everything! These are the quiet killers in the project jungle.

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