Cancer Council SA

"The Business Development Unit at Cancer Council SA, undertook a new approach to how we manage our fundraising and supporter engagement projects. We wanted to streamline our processes and ensure that we are implementing effective project management methodologies. We employed clear decisions™ as an expert in this field, to guide us and help us develop a best practice project management method.

The team at clear decisions™ were able to take our existing processes and further refine these to ensure that we can successfully complete the project management lifecycle. They also mapped out the project management process for us to ensure our team had a clear road map. Our team of project leaders now have a full suite of bespoke project management documentation they use on a daily basis that we created in consultation with clear decisions™.

We would definitely recommend the services of clear decisions™ to anyone wanting to improve the way in which they manage their projects."

Kate McMillan, Product and Operations Manager, Cancer Council SA

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