Central Domestic Violence Service

The Central Domestic Violence Service, the Migrant Women’s Support Service and the Domestic Violence Crisis Centre are in the process of merging and becoming one organisation. We engaged the services of the team at Clear Decisions™ to help make this process go as smoothly as possible.

The team at Clear Decisions ran a workshop to; set commons goals, give us a realistic time-frame to work with, set action items and answer the many questions that we had to make sure the transition is successful. Prior to the workshop we were also given some pre-work to help us utilise the time of the workshop more efficiently.

The end result was a transition plan and a very successfully run workshop. The team at Clear Decisions™ were able to answer our questions and provide expert advice on what we needed to do, and who else we may need to consult. We would recommend the services of Clear Decisions™ to any businesses that may be going through a similar journey.”

Maria Hagias, Executive Director, Central Domestic Violence Service

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