Changes and Challenges

"I found your Business Planning Session very interesting and useful. It has motivated me to dust off my existing plan and reinvigorate my thinking and engagement of others in the process. Thank you for the energetic presentation."

Ross Whitman, NAB, Senior Partner

"I thoroughly enjoyed all of yesterday's activities in the Challenges and Changes Business Conference but really got benefit from Lisa's presentation. Her enthusiasm and the "you can do it" attitude really came through!

It is also proof that many times you don't have to reinvent anything, the problems and solutions are ever-present so it is a matter of admitting you are a sufferer and seek solutions. It would seem that Clear Decisions™ have a compliment of those!

My problem now is that I have had my shop closed for 2 days and wading through CATCHUP to ensure much needed income will be coming my way. After catching my breath after another event tonight I shall be typing up my notes and acting on outcomes from yesterday. 

BRILLIANT WORK! T'was like a sunshine into a dark cellar aka we do not know how trapped we are until someone points out some obvious facts and tells us where the stairs to freedom are!"

Anonymous participant

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