SA Water

"I engaged Lisa Twyford as a project manager and change management facilitator to deliver a complex business transformation project. The project primarily focused on the delivery of an asset maintenance improvement strategy and then the subsequent deployment of this strategy across the State. Although Lisa is not an engineer or technical specialist in the area she has an exceptional skill and ability to deliver in environments where she is not necessarily the technical expert. She does this by engaging and winning the respect of her team.   She is diligent, dependable and positive.  Lisa worked well to establish and move a large project and indeed a large portion of the business to a new future state.  Lisa was instrumental in ensuring the following outcomes - over 280 facilitated interactive workshops held, reviewing updated asset information for approximately 2300 facilities (or approx. 65,000 assets), over 200 operations and field staff contributed, managed over  500,000 rows of data and 450 spreadsheets.  I would highly recommend her for any projects which are complex and challenging."

Peter Seltsikas, Senior Manager Asset Management, SA Water


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