"clear decisions™ were referred to us and described as a business that makes change happen. We were told that they know how to lead change (through business improvement initiatives) and how to take a group on that journey. We engaged them to facilitate a team planning day for us.  Throughout the day they guided us, asked the hard questions and gave us advice about business improvement.  We moved from a team with different goals and direction, to a team with a unified common direction. We also now have a plan for business improvement for the next 6-12 months. The day went very well and we can see how this session will improve how we work with each other and also our internal clients.  I recommend clear decisions™ to businesses looking for an independent, professional facilitator who will challenge the way you and your team think."

Nick Brigham, IT Manager, SACA

"clear decisions™ were engaged to facilitate our Executive sessions and assist us in developing our strategic plan. The end result is a strategic plan that we are extremely proud of. The facilitator came from an unbiased perspective. She challenged us, encouraged us to visualise the future, make an assessment of today, describe our goals and objectives, set our measurements, take action and finally, encouraged us to make strategy a habit. I am very happy to recommend clear decisions™ to other businesses looking for a strategic facilitator, coach or planner."

Craig Brooks,  Manager Human Resources / Player Development, SACA

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