She Leads

"YWCA engaged the services of clear decisions™ to assist with the project management and implementation of the inaugral SHE Leads program, designed to accelerate the career progression of young women at the start of their career.

The consultants at clear decisions™ meet with stakeholders regularly to analyse the needs and requirements for the program. The entire implementation was drafted in consultation with us and the end product surpassed our expectations. Lisa ensured that the project was professionally managed, highly organised and well communicated. Throughout the year, Lisa provided us with regular updates and advice outside of her scope of engagement. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff at clear decisions™.

Without the support of clear decisions™ our first year of delivering the program would not have been as successful as it was and we highly valued their contribution and collaboration."

Liz Forsyth, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA

"Lisa gave a very detailed discussion about how to have an effective board. She identified a path and resources/skills that will lead me to be a strong board member and how I can effectively participate."

"The depth of knowledge and understanding of the speaker and the depth of material covered was very thorough."

"A great opportunity to be introduced and gain a basic understanding of how boards work and what is involved to be a board member."

Participants, SHE Leads Board

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