Project Management

Project Management is about achieving your specific goals and objectives within time, cost and quality constraints. 

The Project Management methodologies of clear decisions™ deliver confidence, support and direction to your business.

Our suite of Project Management services include:

  • Project Audits - reviewing the project to ensure it is on track, and set to achieve its desired outcomes.
  • Project Management - managing projects throughout its lifecycle: analysis of initial concept,  commencement, implementation and post-delivery review
  • Project Documentation - creating and reviewing appropriate levels of documentation for long-term growth and success
  • Project Governance - ensuring the processes exist for a successful project, including: defining, controlling, monitoring, measuring and steering a project
  • Project Management Recovery - putting projects back on track and delivering outcomes
  • Project Management Office - establishing operations, staffing and support for your business

  • Project Sponsor - providing support and guidance to the project sponsor
  • Project Support - providing staff assistance to the project manager
  • Facilitation Sessions - designing and facilitating meetings, conferences, forums or workshops
  • Kick Start Meetings - facilitation of project start up meetings, including scope, deliverables, timelines and risks
  • Management of  risk, scope, budget, schedule, procurement and quality

clear decisions™ assists your business to improve and deliver your project outcomes for future growth and success. We have current membership with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) where Lisa is also a Councillor.

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