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Does strategy matter?

Of course, the immediate response is “YES!” As business people, we’ve been told continuously that we need a strategy to know where we are heading. But why is it that we don’t always get strategy right? Here

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Holiday Wishes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Shops and houses are decorated, toy sales have started and Christmas Carols are playing in the stores. Something my family enjoys doing at this time of the year is

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Emotional Intelligence

Picture this. The project manager calls a meeting but they are late, grumpy, don’t make eye contact, don’t listen to participants, become angry when questioned or challenged, thump the table and then leave. The team are left

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Star Wars has taught me well

Like the characters from Star Wars, we spend our professional and personal lives being presented with problems that need to be solved and decisions that need to be made. Do we buy a house here? Do we

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Business Processes – The Quiet Winners

Business processes and other documents are often overlooked for the value they create and deliver for organisations. So, how are these documents become quiet winners and what are the benefits in spending time and money in creating

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Stakeholders are people too

Stakeholders are often described with words such as: troublesome, idealistic and thorns in the project manager’s side, and often have been called much worse behind closed doors. Historically, project managers have approached stakeholders and stakeholder management with

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