Christmas is a Time of Wonder

Christmas is a time of wonder, a special time of the year. I always find that there is something magical about Christmas. Everyone seems to have an extra spring in their step. Christmas gives us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and of course time to pause and reflect on the year that was. Like many of you, I can’t believe that Christmas is almost upon us. Just where has the year gone? It has been an eventful year for the Clear Decisions team, and one where we have been very fortunate to be recognised for some major accomplishments.

A very exciting year!

It is at this time of the year that I start to think about what I want the year ahead to look like for me. What do I want to be and do? To me the answer is simple. Firstly I want to be happy, secondly I want to continue doing what I love to do with people I enjoy working with, and finally I want to keep dreaming. You are never too old to dream, so my Christmas wish for you this year is to dream….

So here are our top five tips to help you make the year ahead one to remember and to help you make those dreams a reality:

Make a list, and check it twice

At Clear Decisions we are very good at planning. It is what we do, and it is also what we encourage our friends and clients to do. I am reminded of the quote “Goals that are not written down are just wishes”. Sure it is great to dream and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but to go that extra step and make your dreams a reality, write your goals down. Why not share your goals with someone else and make yourself accountable?

Don’t forget to call in some trusty elves

Contrary to what you might think, you can’t do it all. And even if you could, just how exhausted would you be at the end of the day? Try to think of delegating tasks as an effective time management tool, rather than relinquishing control. For some of us that is easier said than done, myself included, but remember that even good old Santa has a support team of elves, reindeers and not-so-secret helpers to help him accomplish his goals.

Try not to leave it all until Christmas Eve

Unlike Father Christmas, who has 31 hours to deliver all his presents across the world (thanks to the time zone differences) you have all year to achieve your goals. To get to every house he has to travel 510,000,000 km on Christmas Eve, travelling at about 10,703,437.5 kilometres per hour all night without stopping in order to deliver all Christmas presents. This makes me tired just thinking about it! Give yourself realistic deadlines and stick to them – it will save you from those last minute rushes.

Celebrate and enjoy

Celebrations do not need to be restricted to the silly season. We believe in celebrating our successes throughout the year. These celebrations do not need to be excessive, but when you reach a milestone, acknowledge it and then raise the bar a little higher.

Pay it forward

My personal aim for you is simple: at the end of the year you are able to sit back, and say, “Well, that was a good year!” And think about how you can help those around you to achieve their dreams as well.

Christmas is forever, not just for one day, For loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do for yourself

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Lisa Twyford

At the start of my career, I learned quickly that many organisations were full of good intentions, but all too often lacking the skills and know-how to execute effectively. That’s why I founded clear decisions™ over 12 years ago. My vision was simple, I had a desire to help businesses and their people move through change projects with great success.


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